Fix warnings in Xcode 5

@rastersize rastersize released this Feb 24, 2014 · 2 commits to develop since this release


Bump version to 1.2.2.


Less but stronger

@rastersize rastersize released this Jul 2, 2013 · 7 commits to develop since this release

Version 1.2.1 brings a few fixes supplied by @uasi, @androwis and @kunalparmar.

The primary code related changes were to make two properties of NSDate strong as well as not exporting some internal macros.


ARC and Blocks

@rastersize rastersize released this Jul 2, 2013 · 27 commits to develop since this release

Version 1.2.0 of CDEvents introduces support for blocks and the library has also been converted into using ARC (automatic reference counting). Because of this the OS X deployment target has been raised to 10.6 and garbage collection has been dropped.

A few bugs and issues has also been squashed 🌟

Thanks to JustSid, tonyxiao and dwlnetnl for their contributions and helping to squash some bugs as well as improve the framework.

The API documentation has also been updated.


Bugfixes + last release with GC

@rastersize rastersize released this Jul 2, 2013 · 65 commits to develop since this release

Version 1.1.2 will be the last release with support for garbage collection. The primary focus of this release was to fix a bunch bugs and other issues.


  • Add compatibility shim.
  • Add runtime checking example.
  • Add file-level events.
  • Add some Xcode 4 stuff to the git ignore file.


  • Fix lastEvent not getting set.
  • Fix "missing base SDK".
  • Fix a bug in the CDEventsCallback(...) code which could cause the excludedURLs to be disregarded.
  • Fix a bug in the test app which could cause an exception to be raised.
  • Fix a lot of small formatting and cross reference errors in the API doc.
  • Fix a dup symbols bug properly (thanks to Kirk Kerekes).
  • Fix small markdown error.
  • Fix missing __weak code mark in the delegate property declaration.


  • Change the lastEvent property of the CDEvents class to readonly in public and readwrite in private.
  • Change test application to use full CDEvents init method.
  • Change CDEventsDelegate pointer as a weak pointer (for GC).
  • Change the compiler to LLVM 1.5.
  • Update project to Xcode 3.2.