A medallion view for OS X (like the login image view introduced in Lion).
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Medallion Test App
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A medallion view for OS X, like the login image view introduced in OS X Lion.

Supports retina displays.

The medallion view in three different sizes

Getting started

  • Get the source;
    • as a git submodule:
      1. git submodule add https://github.com/rastersize/CDMedallionView.git Vendor/CDMedallionView
      2. git submodule update --init --recursive
    • or by download the source as a zip and extracting it in your vendor directory.
  • Add the the source files (CDMedallionView.{h,m}) to your Xcode project.
    • Make sure they are compiled using ARC.
  • Use the class as if it was a normal NSImageView and configure the stuff you need such as border width, color and whether a shine should be added.


CDMedallionView requires ARC.

If you do not use it and want to compile the source files yourself just add -fobjc-arc to the compiler flags of the CDMedallionView.m file. You can also just link against the framework in which case everything should work out of the box.


CDMedallionView was created by Aron Cedercrantz.


CDMedallionView is licensed under the MIT license. For the specifics see the license file.