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Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #29 from glenntanner3/extended_defaults

    Extended global configuration options for file properties and some menu ...
Commits on Apr 25, 2015
  1. @glenntanner3

    Noticed in pull request my files were behind, manually merged differe…

    glenntanner3 authored
    …nces for sub_fill_color and sub_outline_color.
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @glenntanner3

    Extended global configuration options for file properties and some me…

    glenntanner3 authored
    …nu options, more can easily be added.Changed read and write .devede config file.New options must be manually changed by editing .devede file
Commits on Aug 21, 2014
  1. Merge branch 'master' of

    Sergio Costas authored
  2. Fixed the bug that prevented to choose the final folder

    Sergio Costas authored
Commits on Mar 1, 2014
  1. Correctly pass bitrate to avconv (closes #24)

    Alessio Treglia authored
    Use -b <bitrate> which overrides default values comming from -target
    option, rather than -b:v <bitrate> which does not.
Commits on Nov 19, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #23 from jnweiger/master

    Don't fail when wdir.get_current_folder() returns None.
  2. Merge pull request #22 from iainlane/master

    Try to use logind to poweroff.
  3. Merge pull request #17 from nott/subtitles_colors

    Let set subtitles color
Commits on Jun 9, 2013
  1. @jnweiger

    This procedure fails with the output below.

    jnweiger authored
    My patch fixes that, but it is possibly more a workaround than a true fix.
    Video DVD,
    -> add a single mp4 file,
      -> OK
    -> Forward
    -> choose $HOME/Downloads Folder instead of (None)
      -> OK
    Threads: 1
    Creating window /usr/share/devede/wprogress.ui
    Creating window /usr/share/devede/wfolder_dialog.ui
    Entro en RUN
    Salgo de RUN
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 475, in on_main_go_clicked
        if conversor.create_disc():
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 365, in create_disc
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 68, in join
        elif path == '' or path.endswith('/'):
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'endswith'
Commits on May 1, 2013
  1. @iainlane

    Fix object path

    iainlane authored
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. @iainlane

    Fix comment

    iainlane authored
  2. @iainlane

    Try to use logind first to power the system off

    iainlane authored
    Then fall back to ConsoleKit and HAL.
Commits on Mar 1, 2013
  1. @nott

    Let set subtitles color

    nott authored
Commits on Dec 9, 2012
  1. Fixed the bug when the number of menu entries in the last page is, ex…

    Sergio Costas authored
    …actly, the maximum
Commits on Dec 8, 2012
  1. Now calculates right the center of the screen when creating the XML f…

    Sergio Costas authored
    …or the DVD menues
Commits on Dec 5, 2012
  1. added Copying file

    Sergio Costas authored
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
  1. Now AVCONV honors the video bitrate param, so the ISOs should be of t…

    Sergio Costas authored
    …he right size
Commits on Oct 20, 2012
  1. Added uninstalling of devede-debug file

    Sergio Costas authored
    Now the progress window is, by default, hidden
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. Added fallback when the destination folder doesn't exists

    Sergio Costas authored
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
  1. Removed support for in-site execution (it was break)

    Sergio Costas authored
Commits on Aug 12, 2012
  1. If an encoder (mencoder, ffmpeg, avconv) is not installed, and the

    Sergio Costas authored
    user has it choosed, will use the better one instead
  2. Added support for AVconv

    Sergio Costas authored
    Added support for AC3_FIX in Mencoder, FFmpeg and AVconv
Commits on Jun 17, 2012
  1. Fixed a bug when doing a preview from the "Menu options" window (than…

    Sergio Costas authored
    …ks to TommyDKat)
Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. Fixed documentation

    Sergio Costas authored
  2. Fixed documentation

    Sergio Costas authored
    Added install system (still experimental)
    Fixed version number
  3. Now allows to choose the AC3 fix always

    Sergio Costas authored
    Adjusted the version number
Commits on May 20, 2012
  1. Fixed spanish and galician translations

    Sergio Costas authored
Commits on May 7, 2012
Commits on May 1, 2012
  1. Final changes

    Sergio Costas authored
  2. Forgot to save the file

    Sergio Costas authored
  3. Some fixes, to allow it to work with the last ffmpeg, and trying to f…

    Sergio Costas authored
    …ix again the menus
Commits on Mar 17, 2012
  1. Removed the minrate and maxrate params for ffmpeg

    Sergio Costas authored
  2. Added background

    Sergio Costas authored
    Added hungarian translation
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