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An Apple's TimeMachine clone for Linux

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Cronopete is a backup utility for Linux, modeled after Apple's
Time Machine.


To build Cronopete, you need to install CMAKE and Vala-0.16

Now, type

  mkdir BUILD
  cd BUILD
  cmake ..
  sudo make install

This will compile Cronopete for GTK3, and with AppIndicator support.

There are two modifiers for "cmake" that allows to change the compilation

  USE_GTK2 will compile for GTK2 instead of GTK3
  NO_APPINDICATOR will compile cronopete without the libappindicator library

These modifiers must be prepended with "-D", and appended with "=on".
To use these modifiers, first remove all the contents in the BUILD folder,
and run again cmake. For example, this should compile cronopete for GTK2 and
with libappindicator library:

  cd BUILD
  rm -rf *
  cmake .. -DUSE_GTK2=on
  sudo make install

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