A little daemon to change the priority of X and window manager, to get a better performance with OpenGL games
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GAMEd, a daemon for setting high priority

GAMEd is a little daemon, designed to allow to give high
priority to several programs at once. This is needed because
only ROOT can do it, so a daemon is needed to allow all users
to change, in a safe way, the priority to some programs.

The main utility is for OpenGL (3D) games. Under Linux,
some window managers can reduce the performance of the games,
unless high priority is given to both X server and window
manager itself. This is the objective of GAMEd: to allow to
automagically set the high priority each time you enter your


You need Vala 0.16 or later to use GAMEd, and libgee.

Just type in a shell:

	git clone https://github.com/rastersoft/gamed.git
	cd gamed
	sudo make install

and it will be installed and launched. Now, you can set the
desired priority (-15 is the maximum priority that GAMEd
allows to set for a program; smaller values will be changed
to -15) with the command

	renice_gamed PRIORITY

being PRIORITY a value between -15 and 20.

GAMEd will remember this value (-15 is the default, if you
don't write a value), and will set it every time you enter
your session or boot your computer (once installed and run
this command, you don't have to re-run it again; it's launched
automatically every time you boot your computer).

Remember that a smaller value means greater priority, so -15
is high priority, and 20 is very low priority (due to security
and stability concerns, GAMEd doesn't allow priorities below

If you experience problems due to the high priority, you
can set it again to 0 when you want with

	renice_gamed 0

and activate it only when you want to play. Take into account
that, sometimes, it will need some minutes to take fully
effect, due to the way Linux manages the priorities.


The configuration is stored in /etc/gamed.conf. It contains
a list of the executables to change the priority, and an
extra line with the current priority.

You can add more executables to the list, for example to
use it with other window managers like Unity or Gnome Shell.

GAMEd re-reads the configuration file each time you run
the renice_gamed command (which uses DBus), so you can
modify it without needing to reboot your system or
relaunch any service.


To uninstall it, just type:

	sudo make uninstall


GAMEd is distributed under the GPLv3 license. You can
read it in the COPYING file.


Sergio Costas Rodriguez (Raster Software Vigo)