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This is a perl script to colorize your logs. Useful for system administrators to check daily logs, it will highlight the important parts of every log line.

It uses coherent colors for every log formats which is pretty cool but you can use your own colors by modifying the configuration file in your home directory (~/.colorizerc) or system-wide (/etc/colorizerc).



Install my tap from raszi/homebrew-tap with the following command:

brew tap raszi/tap

Then install the formula with:

brew install raszi/tap/colorize


It is in the ports, you can install with any preferred way.

Mageia (Linux)

It is in the repositories, you can install as root with:

urpmi colorize



This script depends on Term::ANSIColor, so you will need to install it first.

Under Debian GNU/Linux:

apt-get install perl-modules


emerge -vta perl-core/Term-ANSIColor


urpmi perl-Term-ANSIColor

Installing the script

make install


Just pipe the logs in the script, and have fun.


cat /var/log/daemon.log | colorize
tail -0f /var/log/daemon.log /var/log/apache/access.log | colorize
colorize < /var/log/messages


In the TIPS file and in the examples directory.