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Version 0.3.1
- Fix hang when using Deluge from Debian 9 repo
- Improve compatibility of presets
- Restart network services when settings changed
Version 0.3.0
- Add support for dict settings (lt >= 0.16.x)
- Add libtorrent defaults preset
- Change version to semantic versioning
- Add support for DHT settings
- Fix ltConfig not trying to use Deluge's libtorrent first
- Fix libtorrent version checking
- Add preset support (from
- Allow columns to be resized in GtkUI
- Add WebUI support
- Fix apply button not applying if apply on start is disabled
- Remove save completed check
- Save settings only if changes were made
Version 0.2.2
- Fix cancel button not discarding changes
- Revert setting to initial value if setting was just disabled
- Various UI usability improvements
Version 0.2.1
- Fix bug where disabled settings were changed to default and applied
Version 0.2
- Selectively apply only certain settings
- Specify whether to apply settings at startup
- Display actual libtorrent settings
Version 0.1
- Initial version