Javascript memory game, implemented in a 'classic' and *concrete* style
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W e l c o m e

Two implementations of a memory game:

  • The first is CLASSIC. It was my second JS project; its global, obtrusive, procedural, and DOM-tastic, making it an excellent candidate for the average JS implementation of this sort of thing.

  • The second is CONCRETE. Its new, and getting newer by the day! Its using the hot NEW Concrete jquery library.

Some day there might be:

  • a 'modern' jQuery version, with a half-MVC javascript engine that bridges to the DOM.
  • a concrete version with javascript macros. We're talking unicode characters too - λ, and something that expands to function () { return this

About Concrete Programming

Behavior (events and functions) are polymorphicaly dispatched based on the state of the view.

I'm not really sure!

Try it!

Check out Effen and concrete for javascript implementations.


Do symlinks work on windows? If not, copy /shared in to the implementation sub dirs and rename it to resources