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In order to use OrientDB from Play (2.1) you need to  do the following:

  1. Execute

     git clone git@github.com:ratcashdev/play-with-orientdb.git

    to a subfolder under your Play 2.x installation.

  2. Issue "play publish-local" from the play-with-orientdb/src/ folder

Next in the project that will use this plugin, do the following:

  1. Add

     "ratcash.net" % "play-with-orientdb_2.10" % "1.0-SNAPSHOT"

    to your Build.scala, under appDependencies. Add also

     val orientDBVersion = "1.3.0"

    to your Build.scala, right after appVersion. This tells the plugin which OrientDB version to use (managed dependency). See the Build.scala in the samples/ directory.

  2. Disable EBean in you Build.scala file

  3. Edit


    to include:

  4. if you would like to connect to remote databases, you'll also need to download and install OrientDB itself and create a remote:local/ database in it.

  5. Copy the src/conf/db.config file from the plugin to the project's /conf folder that is going to use the plugin (this is only needed if you'll use embedded OrientDB database, i.e. local or memory)

  6. Finally, add the following to your conf/application.conf

     # OrientDB configuration
     # ~~~~~
     #orientdb.db.url = "remote:localhost/MyDB"
     orientdb.db.url = "memory:temp"
     #orientdb.db.username = "admin"
     #orientdb.db.password = "admin"
     #orientdb.db.graph.url = "memory:temp"
     orientdb.db.config.file = "/conf/db.config"
     orientdb.db.entities.package = "models.*"
     orientdb.db.open-in-vieww.documentdb = "true"
     orientdb.db.open-in-vieww.objectdb = "true"
     orientdb.db.open-in-vieww.graphdb = "true"

NOTE: Play 2.1-RC1 can't currently do 'publish-local' when there's no ROUTES file, but when there is one (in the plugin), then it overrides the application-specific routes. Probably this will only work in the final 2.1 framework.