Scalable forums with essentials forums features.
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Scalable forums with essentials forums features.

  • Server: RESTFul API server for forums, powered by express and mongodb, can be easily scale-out with state-less design.
  • Client: Powered by react + redux, using webpack and babel to support most browsers, and can be deployed to static servers easily.

See more in Wiki.

How to install & run

Our services are packed with Docker, proudly, so you can easily start service with below script.

(Notice that you have to install Docker first before starting service)

$ docker-compose up 

Then open http://localhost:4000.

Run without Docker

MongoDB import

$ cd mongo_data
$ mongoimport --db powerforums --collection nodes < databaseExport/1.1/nodes.json
$ mongoimport --db powerforums --collection users < databaseExport/1.1/users.json
$ mongoimport --db powerforums --collection userGroups < databaseExport/1.1/userGroups.json


$ cd server
$ npm install 
$ npm run start


$ cd client
$ npm install
$ npm run start