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@ratesquant ratesquant released this Apr 28, 2016

v1.10 (2016-04-20)(1.1.5954.35227):

  1. 1D interpolation: HermiteQS, Multiquadrics
  2. 2D interpolation: BiLinear, BiCubic, BiHermite, BiAkima, BiSteffen
  3. Scattered Data Interpolation based on Radial basis functions: Linear, Cubic, Multiquadrics, Gaussian, Thinplate, InverseQuadratic, InverseMultiquadric
  4. Lowess smoothing based on locally-weighted linear regression (based on R code)
  5. Mersenne Twister - Random number generator based on MT19937 by Takuji Nishimura and Makoto Matsumoto.
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