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Website link crawler and checker written in Ruby.

  • Around 250 lines of Ruby
  • Requires no gems - uses only Ruby core/std libraries
  • Recursively crawls "internal" links
  • Checks status of "external" links
  • Follows (one level of) redirection
  • Tracks all page origin(s) of each unique link
  • Generates HTML report

Each line of the report is a unique link in your site in queue order:

output report screenshot

Click to expand full details and headers from each link check:

output detail expanded screenshot


chklnks writes HTML output to STDOUT (you'll probably want to redirect it to a file):

chklnks '' > results.html

While it runs, chklnks writes crawling and queue progress to STDERR so you can see what its doing.


chklnks assumes that all "path-only" (foo or foo/bar or even /foo/bar) are "internal" to the site and all protocol + host links (http(s):// are external. This is true of my website, but may not be true of yours.

Redirects (HTTP 301 and HTTP 302) are only followed to one level. Anything other than an HTTP 200 OK after the first redirect is marked as an "error" even if it's fine. The rationale is that if you're redirected more than once, you might want to update your link.

All link checks begin with a HEAD request. "External" links are only checked with a HEAD request. I'm starting to see servers which respond to HEAD requests with a HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed. I personally think those servers aren't being good citizens.

HTML <base> tags are not checked. The base href defines a URI base for relative links on the page. I don't use this tag on my websites, so I didn't bother to implement this. I'll happily accept a pull request with the addition.

How it works

Starting with the first page, chklnks scans the page for <a href="/cool/uris">Cool URIs</a>.

Each link is parsed as a normalized Ruby URI and merged with the page's URI.

The string form of the normalized URI is used as a key to store in a new Link (created as a Struct) in a Hash to ensure exactly one copy of each unique link is stored.

Unique Links are put in a Queue to guarantee that each link is visited exactly one time.

An HTTP HEAD request is performed on each link and the resulting status code and headers are stored for the link. If the result is a redirect, the redirected URI is attempted immediately (with another HEAD request) and the redirected result is also stored.

If the link is considered "internal" to the site (and appears to be text/html content), it is scanned for more links and the circle of life continues.


Every website is a unique snowflake and you may wish to simply fork this repo as a simple base for your link checker. On the other hand, suggestions will be considered and improvements are very welcome.


Website link crawler and checker written in Ruby, exports colorful summary report.







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