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An Item Group is a set of items that can be retrieved through the getrandgroupitem and getgroupitem script commands. An item's ID belonging to a group can also be retrieved using the groupranditem command. Examples of Item Groups include Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Old Card Album and Gift Box items.

All Item Groups are being read from or and . Available Item Group IDs can be found at under the //Item Group ID section.



  • GroupID: ID or name of the group if defined at const.txt
  • ItemID: Available item_id that will be obtained from this item group. Supports AegisName of the item.
  • Rate: Probability to get the item. This is not a percentage value, but is calculated as Item's Rate/Total Group's Rate Value chance.
  • Amount: Amount of item that will be obtained.
  • Random: The item group's sub group. If set to '0', the item will always be obtained. If Rate is also specified and Random is set to '0', the item will always be obtained and there is a chance to get the item again.
  • isAnnounced: If set to 1, it will be broadcasted to the server that the item has been obtained by the player.
  • Duration: Makes the item a rental item, and the given value determines the expiration time in minutes. Only use for non-stackable items (e.g., weapons, armors).
  • GUID: If 1, the items will be created as their own stack. They will be unable to stack with other existing similar items.
  • isBound: Binds the obtained item. See getitembound for valid bound types.
  • isNamed: Inscribes the item with the obtainer's name.

Custom Item Group

To create a custom item group, create a text (.txt) file in the db/import folder using the structure specified above. For example, we create a file named item_customegg.txt with the following content:

IG_CustomEgg1,Jellopy,1   // 1/6 chance IG_CustomEgg1,910,2   // 2/6 chance IG_CustomEgg1,911,3   // 3/6 chance

Add the text file's location to import/item_group_db.txt. Using our previous example:

import: db/import/item_customegg.txt

Then, open db/const.txt and search for the //Item Group ID section. Add your custom Item Group at the bottom of the list, and use an ID based on the last number available:

IG_Lucky_Silvervine_Fruit_Box_III10    420 IG_Lucky_Silvervine_Fruit_Box_III110   421 IG_CustomEgg1 422

Use @reloaditemdb to implement the changes. You can now use groupranditem, getrandgroupitem and getgroupitem commands to procure the items.

See also

  • Item Group Documentation:



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