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title: PC Setpos permalink: /PC_Setpos/


int pc_setpos(struct map_session_data* sd, unsigned short mapindex, int x, int y, uint8 clrtype);


Parameter Description
sd Session data of the player to move.
mapindex Map index of the target map.
x X-coordinate on the target map.
y Y-coordinate on the target map.
clrtype Visual effect upon removing the player from it's current position (clear type).
            -   0 - Character fades out.
            -   1 - Character will be displayed as dead.
            -   2 - Re-spawn animation.
            -   3 - Teleport animation.                                                      |


Changes position of a player to a given map and coordinates. If the target map is on different server, it will forward the client to it. If x and y are 0 (zero), random coordinates will be chosen.


pc_setpos(sd, mapindex_name2id(MAP_PAYON), 0, 0, 0);

Warps the player sd to payon on random coordinates without a warp-out effect. Note, that MAP_PAYON is a source define, which resolves to "payon".

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