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Tutorial Content

The tutorial has been designed to be followed along, so you could start from the beginning through the end. At the end of each lesson, there will be a link to the whole code on GitHub.

If you're using Bootstrap 3 CSS, clone the code from vuetable-2-tutorial-bootstrap instead.

If you're using Bulma CSS, clone the code from vuetable-2-tutorial-bulma.

  1. Your first Vuetable

  2. Displaying more fields

  3. Cleaning up code

  4. Make change to field title

  5. Column alignment

  6. Format fields using callback option

  7. Adding pagination

  8. Displaying pagination information

  9. Customizing Vuetable

  10. Make columns sortable

  11. Using special fields

  12. Adding Detail Row

  13. Adding Search Filter

  14. Moving Field Definitions to another file

  15. Passing Props to MyVuetable - Part 1

  16. Passing Props to MyVuetable - Part 2

  17. Passing Scoped Slot to MyVuetable

  18. Using Twitter's Bootstrap CSS with Vuetable

  19. Pagination for Twitter's Bootstrap


You can PR on any error you've encountered. No matter you think how small it is, please do not worry. :)

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