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What's Changed

  • vuetable-pagination is no longer part of vuetable by default.
    • better customization
    • cleaner implementation
    • easy to setup
      • listen to vuetable:pagination-data event on vuetable-table> component to wire the pagination data to vuetable-pagination component.
      • listen to vuetable-pagination:change-page event on designated vuetable-pagination component to wire the page changing request to vuetable-table
  • Due to deprecations of $broadcast and $dispatch in Vue 2.0, all of the listening events where you used to be able to sent vuetable to perform task, e.g. refresh() are no longer existed. Please check documentation. You are now required to use ref to directly refer to the vuetable components to directly use its API for certain functionality.
    • Available events
      • vuetable:loading
      • vuetable:loaded
      • vuetable:load-success
      • vuetable:load-error
      • vuetable:pagination-data
      • vuetable:row-changed
      • vuetable:row-clicked
      • vuetable:detail-row-clicked
      • vuetable:cell-clicked
      • vuetable:cell-dblclicked
      • vuetable:checkbox-toggled
    • No longer available
      • vuetable:reload -- directly call reload() method instead
      • vuetable:refresh -- directly call refresh() method instead
      • vuetable:goto-page -- directly call changePage() method instead
      • vuetable-pagination:change-page -- no real use now
      • vuetable:action -- no longer use as __actions is removed.
  • __actions special field was removed in favor of __component. See example.
  • appendParams prop type changes from Array to Object to reflect the change in updating vue-resource to version 1.0 (Breaking Change)
  • vuetable should now work with IE, thanks to template compilation to virtual DOM.
  • Removed properties
    • wrapper-class
    • table-wrapper
    • show-pagination
    • pagination-component
    • pagination-component-class
    • pagination-class
    • selected-to
    • http-data -- vue-resource API change, use http-options instead
  • Moved properties
    • The following are properties related to CSS, which are now moved inside css prop.
      • tableClass
      • loadingClass
      • ascendingIcon
      • descendingIcon
      • detailRowClass
    • The following pagination info related properties are now moved into its own component PaginationInfo.
      • pagination-info-class
      • pagination-info-template
      • pagination-info-no-data-template
  • vuetable:load-success event is now fired right after the requested data has been successfully retrieved. This is logically how it should be. Previously, it was fired after the tableData and tablePagination have been set.

New Features

  • Data transformation via transform method.
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