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Upgrade Guide

  • Pagination and Pagination Info

    Pagination and pagination info are still in the package but no longer part of vuetable. That means you will have to explicitly include them in your template and wire them up to vuetable using availble events.

    This is very easy though. Basically, you just need to listen to vuetable:pagination-data event to get the pagination information, then call setPaginationData() on both Pagination and PaginationInfo components. Please see the provided example.

    The reason behind this is that uncoupling the pagination and pagination info components from vuetable makes it more flexible and light weight. If you do not need pagination component, you don't have to use it. Or if you want to use your own pagination component or put it somewhere else, you can easily do that.

  • Vuetable Events

    Due to the change in Vue 2.0 the deprecates $broadcast and $dispatch the events and encourages the use of centralized event hub, you can no longer send an event to vuetable to perform the task (e.g. vuetable:reload, vuetable:refresh) as before.

    In earlier version of vuetable, it usually uses and provides those events for communications between its internal components (e.g. Vuetable, VuetablePagination, etc). In this case, moving all those events to vuex seems over-kill and inappropriate since vuex is intended to be use as an centralized state management for an application.

    Although, those events were removed in this version, but almost all the functionality are still there in the methods inside vuetable. You can easily call it by referencing vuetable component in your code using ref attribute.

    For the list of availble and removed events, please see the [What's Change] section.

  • __actions field

    The __actions special field was deprecated and can easily be replaced by the __component special field, which is more useful and shouldn't have any limitation since you can now use the full power of Vue.js.

    Please see the provided example for the replacing action component.

  • append-params

    The type of append-params has been changed from Array to Object type.

  • CSS styling

    All the related CSS classes has been moved into css prop, which is an Object type. This should make the template shorter and cleaner to look.

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