Want to ace your whiteboard exercise? These challenges will help you to improve your skills.
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Interview Questions

Anybody that wants to interview for a job in tech is faced with completing what is known as either a "coding challenge" or a "whiteboard exercise". This repo was created to help you prepare for these events so you are well prepared for you interview.

Who Created This?

My name is Jennifer Bland and I am a Senior Software Engineer in Atlanta, Georgia. I created this repo to help anyone looking to interview for a job in tech.

If you want access to more advanced programming challenges then please visit CodePrep. This website allows you to complete a wide range of coding challenges. You complete the challenges online using an online editor and get immediate feedback on whether or not your code meets the requirements.

I have also created a series of training courses that you can find on my website.

How it Works

There are a series of challenges for you to complete. Just select a challenge from the huge list provided. Each challenge has instructions and expectation for you tc compete. The beginning of the function is provided for you, and all you have to do is write your code in the area specified. You submit your code and a series of tests will be run against your code to determine if your code works or not.

Getting Started

You will need to fork this repo to your account. Just click the fork icon in the top right corner and select your repo. You will then need to clone the repo from your account to your computer.

If you find value in this repo, please star the repo and share it with your friends.

Writing Your Code

Select a challenge. Read the directions. Write your code. Once you have written your code be sure to commit your changes and push them up to your github repo. From your repo submit a Pull Request to my repo. When you submit the repo, my repo will automatically run tests against your code. After the tests have finished running, your Pull Request will automatically be closed. You will then receive an email message detailing whether or not your code passed all the tests.

If your code fails to meet all the tests, you can modify your code. Then commit these changes and push back up to your repo. You submit another Pull Request. There is no limit to how many times you can submit a Pull Request for any of the coding challenges.


  • What If I Don't Get An Email With Results?

The system is automated and it will email results to the public email address associated with your repo. If you have hidden your email address, then you can review the closed Pull Requests on the repo to find your results. If you do not have a public email address then you will not get the results.

  • What If I Have Suggestions For Challenges?

We definitely are interested in any challenges you might have experienced when interviewing for a job. Please enter an issue describing your challenge. If you agree, then we will include it in our list of challenges.

  • What If I Find A Bug In The Code?

Please submit an issue and we will be glad to fix the problem.