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RAUC Demo Layers

This is a community-driven layer collection meant to pave the way for others to evaluate RAUC or to integrate it into their own projects.

Each layer is maintained independently from the other, thus the quality and topicality of the layers may differ.

Also note that they only provide an example of how RAUC could be integrated. Depending on your project's needs, your actual integration may significantly differ in some aspects.

Currently available meta layer are:

The layers perform the required integration steps for setting up a redundant boot with RAUC:

  • Add bootloader boot logic script
  • Set up bootloader storage/environment
  • Provide example wic image config
  • Provide proper rauc system.conf
  • Add example keys


To report bugs for an existing layer, file a new issue on GitHub.

For fixing bugs on existing layers, bumping the version compatibility, or adding new features, open a pull request on GitHub.

Add a Signed-off-by line to your commits according to the Developer’s Certificate of Origin.

Contributions of new layers are always welcome. Here are some advices to consider when adding a new layer:

  • If there is a already an existing layer for a similar platform check if that can be extended
  • Make sure your integration follows recent recommendations for RAUC integration
  • Provide at least a minimal README.rst to allow others to reproduce your work
  • It would be highly appreciated if created layers could be maintained over time


Yocto/OpenEmbedded meta layer with examples for integration of RAUC, the embedded Linux A/B update framework








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