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RAUC logo

RAUC - Robust Auto-Update Controller

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RAUC controls the update process on embedded linux systems. It is both a target application that runs as an update client and a host/target tool that allows you to create, inspect and modify installation artifacts.

Source Code:


Chat: IRC channel #rauc on freenode (bridged to the Matrix channel


  • Fail-Safe & Atomic:
    • An update may be interrupted at any point without breaking the running system.
    • Update compatibility check
  • Cryptographic signing and verification of updates using OpenSSL (signatures based on x.509 certificates)
  • Flexible and customizable redundancy/storage setup
    • Symmetric setup (Root-FS A & B)
    • Asymmetric setup (recovery & normal)
    • Application partition, Data Partitions, ...
    • Allows grouping of multiple slots (rootfs, appfs) as update targets
  • Two update modes:
    • Bundle: single file containing the whole update
    • Network: separate manifest and component files
  • Bootloader support:
  • Storage support:
    • ext2/3/4 filesystem
    • eMMC boot partitions (atomic update)
    • vfat filesystem
    • UBI volumes
    • UBIFS
    • raw NAND (using nandwrite)
    • squashfs
  • Independent from updates source
    • USB Stick
    • Software provisioning server (e.g. Hawkbit)
  • Controllable via D-Bus interface
  • Supports Data migration
  • Network protocol support using libcurl (https, http, ftp, ssh, ...)
  • Several layers of update customization
    • Update-specific extensions (hooks)
    • System-specific extensions (handlers)
    • fully custom update script

Host Features

  • Create update bundles
  • Sign/resign bundles
  • Inspect bundle files

Target Features

  • Run as a system service (d-bus interface)
  • Install bundles
  • View system status information
  • Change status of symmetric/asymmetric/custom slots

Target Requirements

  • Boot state storage
    • GRUB: environment file on SD/eMMC/SSD/disk
    • Barebox: State partition on EEPROM/FRAM/MRAM or NAND flash
    • U-Boot: environment variable
    • EFI: EFI variables
  • Boot target selection support in the bootloader
  • Enough mass storage for two symmetric/asymmetric/custom slots
  • For bundle mode:
    • Enough storage for the compressed bundle file (in memory, in a temporary partition or on an external storage device)
  • For network mode:
    • No additional storage needed
    • Network interface
  • Hardware watchdog (optional, but recommended)
  • RTC (optional, but recommended)


Please see the documentation for details.


Host (Build) Prerequisites

  • automake

  • libtool

  • libglib2.0-dev

  • libcurl3-dev

  • libssl-dev

    sudo apt-get install automake libtool libglib2.0-dev libcurl3-dev libssl-dev libjson-glib-dev

If you intend to use json-support you also need

sudo apt-get install libjson-glib-dev

Target Prerequisites

Required kernel options:


For using tar archive in RAUC bundles with Busybox tar, you have to enable the following Busybox feature:


Depending on the actual storage type and/or filesystem used, further target tool might be required. The documentation chapter Required Target Tools gives a more detailed list on these.

Building from Sources

git clone
cd rauc


sudo apt-get install user-mode-linux slirp
make check

Creating a Bundle

mkdir content-dir/
cp $SOURCE/rootfs.ext4.img content-dir/
cat >> content-dir/manifest.raucm << EOF
compatible=FooCorp Super BarBazzer
rauc --cert autobuilder.cert.pem --key autobuilder.key.pem bundle content-dir/ update-2015.04-1.raucb

Installing a Bundle

rauc install update-2015.04-1.raucb


Fork the repository and send us a pull request.

Please read the Documentation's Contributing section for more details.