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@jluebbe jluebbe released this Jun 5, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release


  • Check that we do not generate a bundle inside a source directory
  • Added full GRUB2 support, including status and primary slot readback (by Vitaly Ogoltsov and Beralt Meppelink)
  • Allow passing a slot's name via commandline instead of it's bootname
  • Show each slot's name in Booted from line of rauc status to simplify identification
  • Add resize option for ext4 slots to RAUC run resize2fs on a ext4 slot after copying the image.
  • Allow dumping the signer certificate (--dump-cert) without verification
  • Allow specifying a keyring directory with multiple files to support non-conflicting installations of certificates from different packages (by Evan Edstrom)
  • Add a bootloader option efi-use-bootnext (only valid when bootloader is 'efi') to disable usage of BootNext for marking slots primary.
  • Support setting a system variant in the system-info handler via RAUC_SYSTEM_VARIANT
  • D-Bus "mountpoint" property now also exports external mount point
  • Made slot state, compatible and variant available as environment variables for slot hooks
  • Made system variant variable available for bundle hooks

Bug fixes

  • Fix memory leaks in D-Bus notification callbacks (by Michael Heimpold)
  • Fix memory leaks in resolve_bundle_path (by Michael Heimpold)
  • Do not print misleading status dump when calling mark-* subcommands
  • Avoid mmap'ing potentially huge files (by Rasmus Villemoes)
  • Fix and cleanup checksum verification and handling (by Rasmus Villemoes)
  • Avoid assertion error caused by unconditional slot status hash table freeing
  • Make a-month-from-now validity check in signature verification more robust (by Rasmus Villemoes)


  • Enable lgtm analysis for tests
  • Restructure signature tests with set_up and tear_down (by Evan Edstrom)
  • Move from gcc-6 to gcc-7
  • Build environment fixes and workarounds


  • A failure in calling barebox_state bootchooser implementation should be propagated
  • Update to latest git-version-gen upstream version
  • Tail-call real rauc suprocess in (by Angus Lees)
  • Consistently return newly-allocated objects in resolve_path()
  • Enforce space between if and ( via uncrustify


  • Added an initial version of a man page (by Michael Heimpold)
  • Extended D-Bus API documentation
  • Improve description of how RAUC detects the booted slot
  • Added lgtm badge
  • Add hints on library dependencies
  • Clarifications on how to build and install RAUC
  • Add note on basic RAUC buildroot support
  • Clarification on usage of RAUC on host and target side
  • Clarified documentation of 'use-bundle-signing-time' option (by Michael Heimpold)
  • Typos fixed

Contributions from: Angus Lees, Arnaud Rebillout, Beralt Meppelink, Enrico Jörns, Evan Edstrom, Ian Abbott, Jan Lübbe, Michael Heimpold, Rasmus Villemoes, Ulrich Ölmann, Vitaly Ogoltsov

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