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dnode = require 'dnode'
express = require 'express'
child = require 'child_process'
PORT = 6123
listenOnSomePort = (app, startPort) ->
app.listen startPort
return startPort
catch err
if err.code is "EADDRINUSE"
throw err
phanta = []
startPhantomProcess = (port) ->
ps = child.spawn 'phantomjs', [__dirname+'/shim.js', port]
ps.stdout.on 'data', (data) -> console.log "phantom stdout: #{data}"
ps.stderr.on 'data', (data) ->
return if data.toString('utf8').match /No such method.*socketSentData/ #Stupid, stupid QTWebKit
console.warn "phantom stderr: #{data}"
process.on 'exit', ->
phantom.exit() for phantom in phanta
# We need this because dnode does magic clever stuff with functions, but we want the function to make it intact to phantom
wrap = (ph) ->
ph._createPage = ph.createPage
ph.createPage = (cb) ->
ph._createPage (page) ->
page._evaluate = page.evaluate
page.evaluate = (fn, cb) -> page._evaluate fn.toString(), cb
cb page
module.exports =
create: (cb) ->
app = express.createServer()
app.use express.static __dirname
port = listenOnSomePort app, PORT
server = dnode()
phantom = null
ps = startPhantomProcess port
ps.on 'exit', (code) ->
phanta = (p for p in phanta when p isnt phantom)
server.listen app, {io: log: null}, (obj, conn) ->
phantom = conn.remote
wrap phantom
phanta.push phantom
cb? phantom
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