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- A SVG badge that works well from static mediums (like GitHub README pages)
- Abuse prevention via [Google reCAPTCHA](

Check out the [Demo]( or read more about the [motivations and history]( behind Slackin.

## Usage

Set up [Now]( on your device and run this command. [Now]( will automatically ask you for the required information and then spin up a deployment instantly. That easy!

now rauchg/slackin

Other platforms:

- [Heroku](
- [Azure](
- [OpenShift](
- [IBM Cloud](

### Tips

Your team id is what you use to access your login page on Slack (eg: https://**{this}**

You can find or generate your API test token at []( – note that the user you use to generate the token must be an admin. You need to create a dedicated `@slackin-inviter` user (or similar), mark that user an admin, and use a test token from that dedicated admin user. Note that test tokens have actual permissions so you do not need to create an OAuth 2 app. Also check out the Slack docs on [generating a test token](

**Important:** If you use Slackin in single-channel mode, you'll only be
able to invite as many external accounts as paying members you have
times 5. If you are not getting invite emails, this might be the reason.
Workaround: sign up for a free org, and set up Slackin to point to it
(all channels will be visible).

Here is where to [generate a secret and
sitekey]( for Google reCAPTCHA.

### Badges

#### Realtime ([demo](

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@triwats triwats replied Aug 5, 2019

Hi, is this working towards retiring this project? Why are we removing the installation instructions?

Granted there's been some issues with maintaining them and the project but surely we should be able to support at least bringing your own hosting? Or is there some slack-wide change that I'm unaware of? Thanks


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@leosunmo leosunmo replied Aug 6, 2019

I'm in need of a public Slack inviter and this was my first choice, so I'd love to know if this is a move to retire as well, @rauchg.

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