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# Ruby Metaprogramming Workshop

Omer Rauchwerger

Note: I may be completly wrong here.

## Part 1 - The Ruby Object Model

  • Classes are code
  • Classes vs. objects
  • something

### Classes are code

Before we begin, it is super important that you grok that classes are code. For example:

class Foo
puts "Inside Foo!"


# => Inside Foo!

In fact, classes can be reopened at any time:

class Foo
puts "Inside Foo!"


class Foo
puts "Inside Foo again!"


# => Inside Foo!
Inside Foo again!

Or simply:

3.times do
class Foo
puts "OMG"



You can also define methods this way:

class Foo
def say_hello
puts "Hello"


def say_goodbye
puts "Goodbye"



foo = foo.say_hello foo.say_goodbye

# => Hello

If you define a method that's already been defined, you override it

class String
def upcase
downcase # muhaha




# => hello

This is called Monkeypatching.

### Classes vs. objects

  • Objects are instances of classes

  • Variables are kept inside objects

  • Methods are kept inside classes

    class Foo
    def wake_up!

    @status = "OK OK, I'm up!"



    f = f.wake_up!

    cd f # use pry for this ls

    # => Foo#methods: wake_up

    self.methods: __binding_impl__ instance variables: @status locals: _ _dir_ _ex_ _file_ _in_ _out_ _pry_

Note that wake_up is under Foo#methods and @status is under instance variables. It kinda makes sense - the only thing that varies between different instances of a class is state. Methods are always the same, so they are stored in the class.

All objects have an object id and a class:

"foo".object_id # => 70225091169540 "foo".class # => String

Here's one to remember: Ruby classes are objects themselves. I'll prove it:

String.object_id # => 70114959626620 String.class # => Class

A Class' class is Class and it inherits from Module, which inherits from Object, which inherits from BasicObject, which is the root of all objects.

Class.object_id # => 70225089471040 Class.superclass # => Module Module.superclass # => Object Object.superclass # => BasicObject BasicObject.superclass # => nil
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