A series of plugins and themes for BetterDiscord.
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A series of plugins and themes for BetterDiscord. For support or announcements on any of them visit my (Zere's) server.


  • AccountDetailsPlus - Lets you view popout, nickname and more from your account panel at the bottom.
  • AutoPlayGifs - Automatically plays avatars, GIFs and GIFVs.
  • BDContextMenu - Adds BD shortcuts to the settings context menu.
  • BetterFormattingRedux - A rewrite of Anxeal's BetterFormatting that includes new options and settings.
  • BetterRoleColors - Adds server-based role colors to typing, voice, popouts, modals and more!
  • BlurNSFW - Blurs images in NSFW channels until you hover over it.
  • DoNotTrack - Stops Discord from tracking everything you do like Sentry and Analytics.
  • EmojiUtilities - Allows you to blacklist and favorite emojis.
  • EmoteSearch - Search through all emotes in BD.
  • HideDisabledEmojis - Hides disabled emojis from the emoji picker.
  • HideIconBadge - Hides the badge that appears on the taskbar icon.
  • ImageToClipboard - Allows you to copy images (png/jpg) directly to your system clipboard.
  • PermissionsViewer - Allows you to view a user's permissions. Thanks to Noodlebox for the idea!
  • RemoveMinimumSize - Removes the minimum window size forced by Discord.
  • ReplySystem - Adds a native-esque reply button with preview.
  • ResizableCSS - Allows you to resize the detached CustomCSS window.
  • RoleMembers - Allows you to see the members of each role on a server.
  • SendButton - Adds a send button to discord.
  • ServerSearch - Adds a button to search your servers.
  • ServerSorter - Adds the ability to sort the servers that you're in.
  • StatusEverywhere - Adds user status everywhere Discord doesn't.
  • TransparencyPatcher - Allows you to make your discord see-through.


  • RadialStatus - An extension (and update/fix) of Zerthox's Status Circles.
  • TransientMaterial - Transparency patch theme for Beard's Material Design Theme. Also works fairly well on it's own.


  • Snippet Collection - A collection of useful CSS snippets, could be considered mini-themes.