Better Discord App enhances Discord desktop app with new features.
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BandagedBD (Bandaged BetterDiscord) is a fork of the original BetterDiscord by Jiiks. This has a number of improvements over the original which is currently undergoing a full rewrite. In the interim, the current version has been unmaintained hence this fork existing. I will continue to maintain this fork until BDv2 comes out. I am helping to develop BDv2 as well so as release gets closer this fork will become less and less active.



Grab the exe file from the latest release on the releases page. Be sure you leave the last checkbox "Use Zere's Fork" checked when installing.

macOS/OS X

Grab the zip file from the latest release on the releases page.


See this link:

What's Different

New Settings



  • Redesigned plugin and theme cards with additional classes for themes to use
  • Additional tab in settings with additional settings.
  • CustomCSS editor from CodeMirror has been removed due to being bloated and having high cpu usage. Replaced with another lightweight editor

Plugins/Themes Related

  • Prevent broken plugins from halting BD from loading
  • Speed up the loading process
  • Show startup errors in a modal


  • Add try...catch blocks to help prevent errors from crashing BD and Discord
  • Fix internal functions that some functions rely on such as onSwitch and onMessage
  • Add source and website as options for plugin and theme METAs
  • Allow themes to use spaces and apostrophes in their names
  • Prettier errors in console, useful for debugging

Emote Module

  • Emotes load asynchronously in the background (does not prevent the mod from loading anymore)
  • Several bug fixes including tooltips, modifiers and emote menu
  • Consolidate emotes to a single file
  • Revamp how emotes are injected—speedup


  • Fix Minimal Mode
  • Fix React errors when opening settings
  • Fix selected class disappearing when clicking an open tab
  • Create new alert modal for BdApi
  • Add toasts as notification option and in BdApi
  • Remove most jQuery dependency for speedup
  • Attach to settings when entering from right click
  • Patch PublicServers