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Jul 18, 2017


PyPI Python

This is an extention of Rapptz' to help make it even easier to make new bots, and simpler to make complex ones.

Current version of the code should be stable, but use at your own risk.

The documentation will be built up over time hopefully.

For support and such you can contact me on my Discord Server.


This is a part of the official PyPI package directory and can be installed with pip.

pip install


Simple Example

To create a bot that will greet new members when they join and greet anyone that types !greet you can do the following:

import discordbot
import asyncio

bot = discordbot.DiscordBot()

async def on_member_join(member):
    await bot.send_message(member.server, "Welcome {0.mention}, would you like to introduce yourself?".format(member))

async def greet(ctx):
    """Greets the user.

    This is additional help text that will only show up if
    help is called on the command itself as opposed to the
    normal short help which shows up in the main help.
    await bot.responses.say("Hi there, {0.mention}, how are you?".format(

This should be accompanied by a settings.json file like this:

  "meta": {
    "owner": "YOUR_ID",
    "prefix": "!",
    "description": "Optional description of the bot."
  "credentials": {
    "token": "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE",
    "client_id": "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"


Built-in Cogs

Administrative and Meta cogs are built-in.

Commands Extension

This bakes the commands extension directly in by default.

Flexible Settings

The bot can be fully set up through python with no JSON or vice versa.

Through JSON

Your could be as minimal as this:

import asyncio
import discordbot

bot = discordbot.DiscordBot()

if __name__ == '__main__':

As long as you have a JSON file like this:

  "meta": {
    "owner": "YOUR_ID",
    "prefix": "ANY_PREFIX",
    "description": "Optional description of the bot."
  "credentials": {
    "token": "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE",
    "client_id": "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"
  "cogs": ["cog_folder.cog_name", "cog_folder.another_cog"]

Through Python

This is very similar to how it is done for

New Help

Embed Formatter

The new help formatter is prettier and done using embeds.

Smarter Searching

The searching and matching has been adjusted to better match what the user is looking for including being case insensitive.

Helper Classes


This includes a simpler and easy to follow embed builder.


This allows a preset of colors for things like success, failure, or the Discord blurple. Also has utility functions for generating Color objects from RGB values.


This allows responses and other messages to be sent using automatically built embeds to make the messages look nicer. This also some utility functions like a toggle which uses the success and failure colors.


The utilities include setting constants, asynchronous web requests, string similarity ratios, word counts, and markdown escaping—this is especially useful for those funky usernames.


In a separate folder the bot will generate 3 logs, one for errors (hopefully empty), one for stats which gives more specifics and can help track down pesky bugs and the last one which rounds out additional info like where your bot is being added and kicked from. This can be overridden of course.

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