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A group of questions #77

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You've been great with answering my questions and I truly appreciate it! I hope you can answer a few more. Eventually all of these will end up as a HuBoard FAQ blog post so I hope you'll get a push from it. I'm waiting until we're fully converted to write it up.

Our situation:
I have an aggregated HuBoard board showing issues across all of our 15 or so repos. I deal with hundred of issues. I want to be able to ensure that ONLY the issues that we are working on are in the HuBoard visible 'backlog'. It has to be visually manageable. Here is what I've run into and I hope you can help me answer these questions:

  1. Why are issues that do NOT have the 0 - Label showing up in that column?
  2. How can I choose to make issues NOT visible in that column? I assumed if I didn't use the '# - Lable' that they wouldnt appear on that board.
  3. How many columns can HuBoard Accommodate? Its possible, if it can handle five or more, that I could make an 'on deck' stage for the work.
  4. When an issue closes does it automatically disappear from the HuBoard board?

Thanks again!


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. The 0 - Column (more accurately the lowest numbered column) is composed of all the issues that are:

    • Open with the label 0 - Name
    • Open with no label

    The lowest numbered label is used as the backlog for all the open issues

  2. No, any issue that is open and doesn't have a # - Label label will show up in the lowest numbered column

  3. Yes columns are 100% configurable, huboard can support as many or as few columns as you want, any labels that follow the pattern # - Name will appear as columns in huboard. You could add your on deck column but editing the labels in your repo like this

    • 0 - Backlog
    • 1 - On Deck
    • 2 - Ready
    • 3 - Working
    • 4 - Done
    • Do keep in mind that if you are using Linked boards, ALL of your linked repositories need to have the same label configuration in order for it to work properly

    Feel free to change the names of the columns to what ever you'd like, the thing that matters is the number. The number determines the order in which the columns appear in huboard.

  4. Yes? Closed issue do not appear in huboard. Currently they don't automatically disappear, if an issue is closed by someone else the next time you refresh the issue will not appear. You can also close issues from huboard by click the red X in the corner of the card.

I hope this answers some of your questions, feel free to comment back with any additional questions. I'll wait for you to close the issue.

@rauhryan rauhryan closed this


Check out issue #89 I added a feature that will hide issues NOT labeled 0 - None

Also added a feature that automatically removes issues when the get closed.



Thanks Ryan, I appreciate it!

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