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Create an issue hidden from the board #89

naholyr opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Nicolas Chambrier Ryan Rauh Summer Fabian
Nicolas Chambrier


As a new user I thought that the issues I did not tagged as 0-Backlog would not appear in my backlog. I discovered that all issues with no huboard-tag will be listed in backlog.

I imagine how this can be wishable and useful, but in my case (and I think other cases) I use GitHub issues for many things at once:

  • Sprint tasks (Huboard rocks at this)
  • TRAC-like issues
  • TODO-like issues (like long term tasks "as soon as possible" that will not be planned in a sprint)

Maybe you could add an option in huboard settings to choose if we want to put all issues in backlog, or really only the ones tagged with index 0.

Ryan Rauh

I could go about this two different ways...

One possibility is to add some configuration labels and prefix them some how.
Add a labels and document the default hash allowing people to override any of the settings
with labels like this...

turn it off globally
@huboard: :show_all: false

or configure an exclude label.
@huboard: :exclude_label: Label Name

I could pull in those labels and merge them into the defaults hash


Ryan Rauh

@naholyr I've added the ability to only show issues tagged with 0 - Backlog

Add a label to your repository with the following name

@huboard: :show_all: => false

I'm currently working on a big redesign on the marketing branch so I haven't added the ability to
change settings in the UI yet so you'll have to add the label manually from

I wanted to push this out to you so you can start using it because it might be a few weeks before I push out
the new version of huboard.

See the readme for more details

Ryan Rauh rauhryan closed this
Summer Fabian

Thanks Ryan, this will be really helpful

Ryan Rauh rauhryan reopened this
Ryan Rauh rauhryan self-assigned this
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