Earth magnetic field sensory augmentation project
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Human Compass Project

Wearable compass transducer code

Earth magnetic field sensory augmentation project

Raúl Arrabales - - Sept. 2017

  • Hardware
    • XCSOURCE TE359 (41 gr.) (ATmega328 - Arduino Nano) Chip: CH340G
    • Honeywell digital compass HMC5883L - Triple axis magnetometer 12 bit.
    • HMC5883L mounted in a GY-273 module for interfacing with Arduino.
    • Coreless motor (1 gr) DC 1.5-4.5V - 9600 RPM.
  • Drivers
    • CH340G Serial Driver CH341SER from WCH (drivers folder)
  • Test
    • Hardware test code (test folder)
  • Diagrams
    • Hardware pinout and connections (diagrams folder)