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Gist: The Script

Works great with Gist: The Website.



$ brew install gist
$ gist -h


$ gem install gist
$ gist -h

Old school:

$ curl -s > gist &&
$ chmod 755 gist &&
$ mv gist /usr/local/bin/gist


$ sudo apt-get install ruby
$ sudo apt-get install rubygems
$ sudo apt-get install libopenssl-ruby
$ sudo gem install gist
$ sudo cp /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/gist /usr/local/bin/
$ gist -h


$ gist < file.txt
$ echo secret | gist --private # or -p
$ echo "puts :hi" | gist -t rb
$ gist
$ gist script.js notes.txt
$ pbpaste | gist -p # Copy from clipboard - OSX Only
$ gist -
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


There are two ways to set GitHub user and token info:

Using env vars GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_TOKEN:

$ export GITHUB_USER="your-github-username"
$ export GITHUB_TOKEN="your-github-token"
$ gist ~/example

Or by having your git config set up with your GitHub username and token.

git config --global github.user "your-github-username"
git config --global github.token "your-github-token"

You can find your token under your account.

You can also define github.token to be a command which returns the actual token on stdout by setting the variable to a command string prefixed with !. For example, the following command fetches the token from a password item named "github.token" on the Mac OS Keychain:

token = !security 2>&1 >/dev/null find-generic-password -gs github.token | ruby -e 'print $1 if STDIN.gets =~ /^password: \\\"(.*)\\\"$/'


You can set a few options in your git config (using git-config(1)) to control the default behavior of gist(1).

  • gist.private - boolean (yes or no) - Determines whether to make a gist private by default

  • gist.extension - string - Default extension for gists you create.

  • gist.browse - boolean (yes or no) - Whether to open the gist in your browser after creation. Default: yes


Set the HTTP_PROXY env variable to use a proxy.

$ HTTP_PROXY=host:port gist file.rb


Visit or use:

$ gist -m