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The Universal 360º Continous Rotation Tracker System for Drones (UAVs, RPAs and FPV).
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u360gts (amv-open360tracker 32bits)

u360gts is a complete DIY software and hardware antenna tracker solution for Drones (UAVs, RPAs proffesionals and FPV hobbyiests). We try to make it as unniversal as possible in terms of being compatible with the most popular flight controller, radio and video systems. It is the perfect option if you need to track differenet aircrafts with different telemetry protocol systems. Firmware and hardware desing have been developed by bembers of the spanigh FPV community and it is FREE for you.

Please, we encourage you to read all the documentation before using this firmware in your devices, otherwhise they could be dammaged. In the wiki you'll find detailled information about how to install and configure it with success.

Hardware platform

This firmware has been developed for controllers based on STM32F series microprocessors, which fit the technical specifications of the popular NAZE32 flight controller. By now, it has been tested on the Flip32 flight controller which incorporates the magnetometer, but it could work on other NAZE32 based boards like with external magnetometer.


  • 360 degree continous rotation.
  • Multiprotocol.
  • Automatic protocol detection.
  • Acceps up to 10 Hz of input telemetry frequency.
  • Protocol conversion and fordwarding.
  • Fully and easy configurable with u360gts-configurator (cross platform) and serial console (CLI mode).
  • Tilt easing.
  • Automatic home position.
  • Detailled status data on OLED display.
  • Battery monitoring.
  • RSSI signal strength on OLED display.
  • Setup menu on OLED display.
  • Acurate PID control system.
  • Position estimation system.
  • Sound alarms through out a buzzer.
  • 4 Serial ports, with dynamic assignment.

Take a look to wiki/ to read more about the features listed above.

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u360gts Firmware Releases

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