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Generates a skeleton to start coding your next ruby gem.



> Hi, I'll need some data about your next ruby gem, please answer all questions:

> gem name?

> gem author?
Raul Murciano

> author email?

> gem summary? (be brief)
Resurrects dead bodies

> summary?
Braaains, braaaaains...

> homepage URL?

> will include an executable? (y/n)

The following files will be generated:

  • bin/your_gem: an executable ruby script will be generated if you answered y to the will include an executable? question
  • update it before releasing each new version
  • Gemfile: help to manage dependencies, will rely in your .gemspec file
  • your_gem.gemspec: all the relevant data about your new gem goes here
  • lib/your_gem.rb: grow your awesome code here
  • LICENSE: MIT license FTW
  • Rakefile: will run your tests by default
  • please always document your gems so it will make them easier to use
  • test/test_helper.rb: will load MiniTest and your gem code to bootstrap your tests
  • test/your_gem_test.rb: sample test


I prefer a light approach for testing so I use MiniTest (contributions to add RSpec suppport are welcome, but should be tested themselves with MiniTest).


See the LICENSE file included in the distribution.


Copyright (C) 2011 Raul Murciano