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Heroku CLI plugin for accessing devcenter documentation

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$ heroku plugins:install


$ heroku docs dynos
Opening dynos docs... done

$ heroku docs dyno
!    No dyno article found.
!    Perhaps you meant one of these:
!      dynos                       # Dynos and the Dyno Manifold
!      dyno-requests               # How many requests can a dyno serve?
!      addons_with_dyno_hour_usage # Add-ons with Dyno Hour Usage 
!      how-much-does-a-dyno-cost   # How much does a dyno cost?
!      scaling-aspen-bamboo        # Scaling Dynos and Workers on Aspen/Bamboo
!      background-jobs-queueing    # Worker Dynos, Background Jobs and Queueing
!      usage-and-billing           # Usage & Billing
!      prorate-charges             # How do you prorate charges? 
!      oneoff-admin-ps             # One-off Processes
!      key-concepts-performance    # Key Concepts in Performance on Bamboo
!      backlog-too-deep            # Backlog Too Deep
!      ssh-access                  # SSH Access
!      maintenance-mode            # Maintenance Mode
!      ps                          # Managing Heroku Processes
!      erosion-resistance          # Erosion-resistance
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