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rack static boilerplate

Use git (it's good!) and deploy your static html/css to Heroku - for free.


Inside your project's directory:

/  <-- copy it from this repo
/public/    <-- throw here all your static files

Use git to manage your code

If you're not using git yet, install it and start using it right now:

git init .
git add *
git commit -am "first commit"

If you're already using git, just commit your last changes:

git commit -am "preparing to serve from Heroku"

If you don't have a Heroku account, signup (it's free) and then install the heroku gem:

gem install heroku

Create a heroku app.

heroku create


git push heroku master && heroku open

Enjoy: you can visit your /public/index.html file as /, /index or /index.html. Any other /foo/bar.html will be served also from /foo/bar.

In the future...

You will commit your changes with git:

git add *
git commit -am "describe your changes"

and deploy them to Heroku:

git push heroku master

Renaming your app to get an subdomain

heroku rename new-name


Heroku is an awesome platform, make yourself a favor and learn more about it...