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Announce discontinued development in README, linking alternatives.

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-This branch works with Rails 3.x, you can find branches for Rails [2.1.x](, [2.2.x]( and [2.3.x](
+Rails 3
+The master branch supported some versions of Rails 3, though I've discontinued the development.
+[This fork]( or the [i18n_routing gem]( can be
+good alternatives.
+Rails 2
+You can find branches for Rails [2.1.x](, [2.2.x]( and [2.3.x](
This Rails plugin provides a simple way to translate your URLs to any number of languages, even on a fully working application.
@@ -12,9 +22,9 @@ It works fine with all kind of routing definitions, including RESTful and named
Add translate_routes to your `Gemfile`:
gem 'translate_routes'
And let bundle do the rest:
bundle install

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