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Simple and scalable boilerplate for Vue 2 projects
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Vue 2 Boilerplate


Simple and scalable boilerplate for Vue 2 projects


  • Vue 2.x
  • Vue Router 2.x
  • Vue Stash 2.x
  • Vue Resource 1.x
  • Vue Events 2.x
  • jQuery 3.x
  • Lodash 4.x
  • Bootstrap Sass 3.x
  • Laravel Elixir
  • Webpack
  • Browsersync
  • Handlebars
  • Assets caching
  • Livereload

Getting Started

Make sure you install Node.js v6.0.0+, npm v3.7.3+ and Gulp 3.9.1+ installed.

Install dependencies

$ npm install


$ yarn

Development server

$ npm run dev

And visit http://localhost:3000

This will start a light-weight development server with "live reload" and synchronized browsing across multiple devices and browsers.

Generate dist files for production

$ npm run dist

Finally this will compile and minify caching CSS/JS assets

More resources

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