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Johan: shamefully copied Arno email

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+Demo smartphone code for decentralized stuff:
+ - decentral sharing of video and pictures
+ - decentral social network
+Goal 0) mixing Java, C++ and Python
+ (Status: PARTLY DONE)
+Goal 1) get Libswift and Dispersy running
+Goal 2) Build a decentralized social network on top of Dispersy
+Goal 3) World Peace
+== For Developers ==
+for an example app where we can control the GUI in Java
+and we have Python code running in the background.
+ src/com/tudelft/triblerdroid/first/
+is the main entry point.
+ res/raw/
+contains the Python code that is run.
+To run this yourself, install Android SDK:
+(I'm using Android 4.0 as that is what the test phone runs).
+And then install your own copy of Scripting-for-Android,
+following these instructions:
+I've used the offical repository
+Not the rjmatthews62 one.
+This gives you a large set of projects (modules of Scripting4Android).
+For a number of those I had to set the Android target to Standard 4.0, and build quickaction.jar by hand.
+A thing to check is if the Android Service class that is now used
+is what we need, we may need to create a separate thread/process as services are not separate threads by default.
+Current status:
+ 16Feb: runs on Samsung Galaxy Nexus only
+ functionality: streaming download engine works (
+ Mixing with Python, still unstable

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