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This file describes the npm2000 script made to control the manageable power supply NPM2000
See for git repository
To use the Script just clone the git repository or otherwise get hold of the script.
You have to edit line 7 within the script to set your IP address. The Usernmae used in the script is the default user Name of the device ("lxb"), I did not try with another username. I did not test the script with a password other than "12345678".
But there is no point to change this anyway as it will be transmitted to the npm device without using any encryption.
Can set the status or report the status of the ports on a npm2000 manageable power device
IP address and password of the device are set within the script. Open the script in you favorite editor and edit line 7 (IP address) accordingly. I do NOT recommend to edit the password as it has not been tested with a password other than "12345678". Be even more careful with a password that contains non-Hex chars.
To view the current port status of the npm2000 type:
./ status
this will give you the status of all ports in the form: 00100001 with every digit giving the status of the corresponding port 0 means that the port is switched off and 1 means the port is switched on.
in this case ports 3 and 8 are switched on, ports 1,2,4,5,6 and 7 are switech off.
Arguments for status reports:
./ staus \$port
where \$port is the number of the port you want to know the status of
./ status 5
Port 5 is switched off
./npm status verbose OR ./npm staus v
this will give you the status of all ports in an human readable form:
Port 1 is switched off
Port 2 is switechd on
To set the status of a port of the npm2000 type:
./ set \$port on/off
where \$port is the number of the port you want to set
./ set 4 on
this will switch port 4 on, regardless to the status it currently has.
If setting a port, the npm Script will take about 1.2 seconds to exit. This is due to netcat waiting for a response and timing out after one second. If you know a way to reduce the timeout for netcat please let me know.
Script created by Niklas Goerke -
Please report any bugs you may encounter