Small script that pushes the RZL status to Xively
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Small script that pushes the RZL status to Xively. It also takes care of the bank balance and the member count.


  • Python
  • Webserver with PHP
  • Some old version of python-eeml


  1. Clone repo
  2. Copy htdocs folder content to some place where it's made accessible on the web.
  3. Make sure, data.jsonis writeable by your webserver.
  4. Modify path to data.json inside
  5. Enter Xively API key in, which is created by copying
  6. Edit your crontab to include the following line: */1 * * * * /<path to the status2xively folder>/ >> /<path to the status2xively folder>/update.log
  7. Test some values for the bank balance and member count.
  8. Protect the webfrontend using .htaccess, and some other fancy auth stuff.