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A large variety of programming topics covered by articles, documentation and tutorials
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good shit below 👌 💯 🔥 👏 🙏 😎


Cool and maybe useful shit

Helpful Articles


  1. Learning How to Learn: The Most Important Developer Skill
  2. What I tell all new programmers
  3. Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard
  4. The Key To Accelerating Your Coding Skills
  5. Please don’t quit — every expert was once a beginner
  6. Learning to Code: When It Gets Dark
  7. How to Get a Developer Job in Less Than a Year

Web Developement General

  1. Modern Web Development
  2. Git under the hood
  3. A Brief History of the Command Line


  1. A Brief History of JavaScript
  2. Glossary of Modern JavaScript Concepts: Part 1
  3. Glossary of Modern JavaScript Concepts: Part 2
  4. A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue


  1. Spread Operator ...

Concepts Explained




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