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A JavaScript library for enums. To be used by transpiled ES6 (e.g. via Babel).

The approach taken by Enumify is heavily inspired by Java enums.

The basics


npm install enumify


import {Enum} from 'enumify';

class Color extends Enum {}
Color.initEnum(['RED', 'GREEN', 'BLUE']);

console.log(Color.RED); // Color.RED
console.log(Color.GREEN instanceof Color); // true

new Color();
    // Error: Enum classes can’t be instantiated

Properties of enum classes

Enums get a static property enumValues, which contains an Array with all enum values:

for (const c of Color.enumValues) {
// Output:
// Color.RED
// Color.GREEN
// Color.BLUE

The inherited tool method enumValueOf() maps names to values:

console.log(Color.enumValueOf('RED') === Color.RED); // true

Properties of enum values

Enumify adds two properties to every enum value:

  • name: the name of the enum value.

  • ordinal: the position of the enum value within the Array enumValues.

    > Color.BLUE.ordinal

Adding properties to enum values

initEnum() also accepts an object as its parameter. That enables you to add properties to enum values:

class TicTacToeColor extends Enum {}

// Alas, data properties don’t work, because the enum
// values (TicTacToeColor.X etc.) don’t exist when
// the object literals are evaluated.
    O: {
        get inverse() { return TicTacToeColor.X },
    X: {
        get inverse() { return TicTacToeColor.O },

console.log(TicTacToeColor.O.inverse); // TicTacToeColor.X

More information

  • The directory test/ contains examples.