TukUI skin for NugRunning


This is a skin for NugRunning. NugRunning has the advantage over Tukui_ClassTimer of showing DOT timers on multiple targets as it gets the information from the combat log and not from the UNIT_AURA event.

A couple of options are inside config.lua, so you can modify those.

This AddOn only skins the bars. You still need to set the proper size and position with the slashcommands:

/nrun set width=214
/nrun set height=20
/nrun unlock
/nrun lock

More information on how to add your own spells to NugRunning or other options can be found on the NugRunning download page and the NugRunningConfig wiki page.

[ Download ]


  1. Rename the extracted directory to "TukUI_NugRunning" (case sensitive).
  2. Move the direcory to your AddOns directory.
  3. ??
  4. Profit!