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Richa’s dotfiles

These are the command-line setup and configuration files I use for all my computers, stored on Github for easier sharing between computers and with other people.



These dotfiles assume a Mac with the Xcode command line tools, rvm or rbenv, and Homebrew with the bash, bash-completion and git brews installed. See Shell support for details. In addition, the highline gem is required to run the installation script.

What’s in the box

Shell support

These dotfiles support both bash and oh my zsh.

Some features of the bashrc may work only with bash version 4.2 and greater with bash-completion, which is not installed by default on the Mac. Consider using these steps to get it:

  • brew install bash bash-completion
  • Add /usr/local/bin/bash to /etc/shells
  • Change your shell to /usr/local/bin/bash by running chsh

For oh my zsh setup, do the following:

Command-line goodness

  • Shell configuration includes a supercharged prompt for both bash and zsh with ruby and git information, with help from the zsh-git-prompt and bash-git-prompt plugins. To tweak, change the configuration in for bash and oh-my-zsh-custom/themes/richa.zsh-theme for zsh.

    fancy prompt!
  • vi command mode is enabled by default in both bash and zsh. To switch back to the default emacs mode, remove the set -o vi line in bashrc and the vi-mode plugin from zshrc.


  • Vim configuration with support for selected plugins, with plugin management by Vundle. To use:

    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
    • If desired, tweak the font and color scheme settings. The default color scheme is PaperColor. The default font is Espresso Mono, a variant of DejaVu Sans Mono.
    • Start vim
    • Run PluginInstall in command mode.
  • An edit shim will launch mate (TextMate) if you are on your local Mac, and fall back to vi if you are logged in via ssh. This shim is used as the git editor and svn editor.

  • The mp script (short for "(Text)Mate project") opens a directory in TextMate. But unlike the basic mate command, if the directory does not already have a .tm_properties, a basic one will be created.

Please note that the TextMate features of these dotfiles are for TextMate 2, currently in beta.

Ruby stuff

An r command serves as a shortcut for running bundle exec rake or bundle exec rails. It's pretty smart, so r s will expand to bundle exec rails server, and r db will expand to bundle exec rake db:console. No more fat-finger mistakes of rails vs rake!

Other goodies

  • This repo also comes with tmux configuration, for you terminal purists. To use:

    • brew install tmux
    • brew install reattach-to-user-namespace
  • Multi-monitor window management setup files are available for Hammerspoon:

    • Download and install the latest release
    • Tweak the configuration in hammerspoon/init.lua as you like


  1. Install the highline gem:

     gem install highline
  2. Choose a place to store the dotfiles, like ~/Library/dotfiles.

    git clone git:// ~/Library/dotfiles
    cd ~/Library/dotfiles
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    rake install
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