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Python 3 cross-compilation tools for Android.
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Python 3 Android

This is an experimental set of build scripts that will crosscompile Python 3 for an ARM Android device.

This project is not maintained anymore. Do check out @GRRedWing's and @yan12125's forks for a continuation of development on Python 3 for Android.


  1. make clean for good measure.
  2. For every NDK/API Level/Toolchain combination you wish to build for:
    • Edit env to match your (desired) configuration.
    • make to build everything!
    • (Optional) make test to setup an Android emulator and run automated Python regression tests.


Building requires:

  1. A working host toolchain that is able to compile Python (for hostpython).
  2. Patience.

Testing requires:

  1. Java 6 to use the Android SDK manager.
  2. awk and tr for some setup wizardry.
  3. Even more patience.

Both require:

  1. A working bash and basic *nix utilities like cp and touch.
  2. wget to fetch files.
  3. tar to extract files.


The build is failing with something about license terms!

Read the license terms, edit env and set ANDROID_AGREE_LICENSE_TERMS=y if you agree with them, and re-run.

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