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A linq enabled document database for .NET
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.nuget RavenDB-4143 restoring nuget packages before compilation
Art Adding logo
Bundles RavenDB-4117
DefaultConfigs crlf, tabs to spaces
Imports RavenDB-3454 all Raven.Tests.Core tests now pass for DNXCORE50
NuGet RavenDB-3454 added Raven.Client.* bundles to build script
Raven.Abstractions RavenDB-4192 - Removing use of .Result in favor of async/await in imp…
Raven.Backup RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Build crlf, tabs to spaces
Raven.Client.Lightweight Merge pull request #635 from ayende/master
Raven.Client.MonoForAndroid crlf, tabs to spaces
Raven.Client.MvcIntegration RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Client.VisualBasic.Tests crlf, tabs to spaces
Raven.Client.WinRT RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Database RavenDB-4153 - fix concurrency exceptions in Voron,
Raven.Debug RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.DtcTests RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Migration crlf, tabs to spaces
Raven.Performance RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Server RavenDB-4156 Internalizing/Merging support for RavenDB assemblies
Raven.Setup.CustomActions crlf, tabs to spaces
Raven.Setup crlf, tabs to spaces
Raven.SimulatedWorkLoad RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.SlowTests RavenDB-4134 Fixing failing tests
Raven.Smuggler Fixing smuggler version discovery
Raven.Sparrow RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.StorageExporter RavenDB-4128
Raven.Studio.Html5 Merge pull request #639 from tdawgy/master
Raven.Tests.Bundles RavenDB-4117
Raven.Tests.Common RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Tests.Core RavenDB-3454 removed launchSettings.json
Raven.Tests.FileSystem RavenDB-4164 CleanupDeletedFilesAsync should delete more than 10 file…
Raven.Tests.Helpers RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Tests.Issues RavenDB-4153 - fix concurrency exceptions in Voron,
Raven.Tests.MailingList Adding passing test
Raven.Tests.Migration RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Tests.Server.Runner RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Tests.Web RavenDB-4127 Fix failing tests
Raven.Tests RavenDB-4153 - fix concurrency exceptions in Voron,
Raven.Tryouts.MonoForAndroid RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Tryouts RavenDB-3454 removed launchSettings.json
Raven.VisualHost RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Voron RavenDB-4144 Patch crashes the server
Raven.Web RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
Raven.Xunit.Runner crlf, tabs to spaces
Scripts crlf, tabs to spaces
SharedLibs RavenDB-4100 Making sure that all Lucene exeptions are serializable (…
Tools RavenDB-3454 updated packages to coreclr 1.0.0-rc1-final
.gitattributes added pre-commit hook
.gitignore RavenDB-3454 making xproj and csproj projects compile when in same sln
CommonAssemblyInfo.cs Fixing tests outside build server
How to build.txt crlf, tabs to spaces
RavenDB.sln RavenDB-3454 removed NuGet.targets
RavenDB.sln.DotSettings Added button to generate class from JSON document
Settings.StyleCop crlf, tabs to spaces
acknowledgments.txt crlf, tabs to spaces
agpl.txt crlf, tabs to spaces
bisect.cmd added bisect.cmd, removed bisect_internal.ps1
bisect.ps1 crlf, tabs to spaces Fixing path in the bisect tool
build.cmd Upgrade psake to use the package from NuGet. Now builds should run like:
build.ps1 crlf, tabs to spaces
build_utils.ps1 crlf, tabs to spaces
cleanup.cmd added cleanup script
cleanup.ps1 fixed git.exe lookup in cleanup.ps1 (since git 2.6 default installati…
contributing.txt crlf, tabs to spaces
default.ps1 fixed version substitution in default.ps1
git_setup.cmd converting tabs to spaces
git_setup.ps1 added pre-commit hook
global.json RavenDB-3454 updated dnx core to 1.0.0-rc1-update1
license.txt crlf, tabs to spaces
normalize.ps1 crlf, tabs to spaces
quick.ps1 crlf, tabs to spaces Alter readme extension from .txt to .md
reserver_ports.cmd crlf, tabs to spaces
zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln sln fixes
zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln.DotSettings Team conventions for the zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln

Raven DB

A 2nd generation document database

Issue tracker:

You can start the Raven Service by executing /server/raven.server.exe, and then you can then visit http://localhost:8080 for looking at the UI.

For any questions, please visit:

RavenDB's homepage:

For your convenience RavenDB is also available as nuget packages: RavenDB.Client and RavenDB.Embedded.

This release contains the following:

/Client - RavenDB lightweight client for .NET 4.0 and its dependencies. *** This is the recommended client to use ***

/Silverlight - A lightweight Silverlight 4.0 client for RavenDB and its dependencies..

/EmbeddedClient - The files required to run the RavenDB client, in server or embedded mode. Reference Raven.Client.Embedded.dll and create a DocumentStore, passing a URL or a directory. See the docs for more help.

Whichever client version you choose to use, reference all the assemblies in the corresponding folder to your project.

As for the rest of the folders in the package, here's a brief description of what they contain:

/Server - The files required to run RavenDB in server / service mode. Execute /Server/Raven.Server.exe /install to register and start the Raven service

/Web - The files required to run RavenDB under IIS. Create an IIS site in the /Web directory to start the Raven site.

/Bundles - Bundles for extending RavenDB in various ways

/Samples - Some sample applications for RavenDB * Under each sample application folder there is a "Start Raven.cmd" file which will starts Raven with all the data and indexes required to run the sample successfully.

/Backup - Standalone backup tool, for performing backup operations using a user with admin privileges.

/Smuggler - The Import/Export utility for RavenDB.

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