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package ravendb
// CircleCriteria describes circle criteria
type CircleCriteria struct {
_radius float64
_latitude float64
_longitude float64
_radiusUnits SpatialUnits
// NewCircleCriteria returns new CircleCriteria
func NewCircleCriteria(radius float64, latitude float64, longitude float64, radiusUnits SpatialUnits, relation SpatialRelation, distErrorPercent float64) *CircleCriteria {
res := &CircleCriteria{
_radius: radius,
_latitude: latitude,
_longitude: longitude,
_radiusUnits: radiusUnits,
res._relation = relation
res._distanceErrorPct = distErrorPercent
return res
// ToQueryToken creates a token
func (c *CircleCriteria) ToQueryToken(fieldName string, addQueryParameter func(interface{}) string) queryToken {
return c.SpatialCriteriaCommon.toQueryTokenCommon(c, fieldName, addQueryParameter)
// GetShapeToken returns shapeToken
func (c *CircleCriteria) GetShapeToken(addQueryParameter func(interface{}) string) *shapeToken {
return shapeTokenCircle(addQueryParameter(c._radius), addQueryParameter(c._latitude),
addQueryParameter(c._longitude), c._radiusUnits)
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