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package ravendb
// Note: we use io.Closer instead of CleanCloseable
// nilCloser is meant for functions that return io.Closer type and
// want to return nil.
// Instead do:
// var res *nilCloser
// return res
// That way the caller can call Close() without checking for nil
type nilCloser struct {
// Close closes nil closer
func (n *nilCloser) Close() error {
// works even if n is nil
return nil
// funcCloser wraps a function as io.Closer
type funcCloser struct {
fn func() error
// newFuncCloser returns a new funcCloser
func newFuncCloser(fn func() error) *funcCloser {
return &funcCloser{
fn: fn,
// Close calls underlying Close function
func (f *funcCloser) Close() error {
return f.fn()
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