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package ravendb
import "time"
// Note: in Java it's hidden behind IDocumentQueryCustomization
// DocumentQueryCustomization allows customizing query
type DocumentQueryCustomization struct {
query *abstractDocumentQuery
// GetQueryOperation returns raw query operation that will be sent to the server
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) GetQueryOperation() *queryOperation {
return d.query.queryOperation
// AddBeforeQueryExecutedListener allows you to modify index query before it's executed
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) AddBeforeQueryExecutedListener(action func(*IndexQuery)) int {
return d.query.addBeforeQueryExecutedListener(action)
// RemoveBeforeQueryExecutedListener removes listener added with AddBeforeQueryExecutedListener
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) RemoveBeforeQueryExecutedListener(idx int) {
// AddAfterQueryExecutedListener adds a callback to get the results of the query
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) AddAfterQueryExecutedListener(action func(*QueryResult)) int {
return d.query.addAfterQueryExecutedListener(action)
// RemoveAfterQueryExecutedListener removes callback added with AddAfterQueryExecutedListener
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) RemoveAfterQueryExecutedListener(idx int) {
// AddAfterStreamExecutedCallback adds a callback to get stream result
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) AddAfterStreamExecutedCallback(action func(map[string]interface{})) int {
return d.query.addAfterStreamExecutedListener(action)
// RemoveAfterStreamExecutedCallback remove callback added with AddAfterStreamExecutedCallback
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) RemoveAfterStreamExecutedCallback(idx int) {
// NoCaching disables caching for query results
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) NoCaching() {
// NoTracking disables tracking for quried entities by Raven's Unit of Work
// Using this option prevents hodling query results in memory
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) NoTracking() {
// RandomOrdering orders search results randomly.
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) RandomOrdering() {
// RandomOrdering orders search results randomly with a given seed.
// This is useful for repeatable random queries
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) RandomOrderingWithSeed(seed string) {
// WaitForNonStaleResults instructs the query to wait for non results.
// waitTimeout of 0 means infinite timeout
// This shouldn't be used outside of unit tests unless you are well aware of the implications
func (d *DocumentQueryCustomization) WaitForNonStaleResults(waitTimeout time.Duration) {
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