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package ravendb
import (
var (
// DefaultFacetOptions are default facet options
DefaultFacetOptions = &FacetOptions{}
// FacetOptions describes options for facet
type FacetOptions struct {
TermSortMode FacetTermSortMode `json:"TermSortMode"`
IncludeRemainingTerms bool `json:"IncludeRemainingTerms"`
Start int `json:"Start"`
PageSize int `json:"PageSize"`
func maxInt() int {
if unsafe.Sizeof(int(0)) == unsafe.Sizeof(int32(0)) {
return int(math.MaxInt32)
return int(math.MaxInt64)
// NewFacetOptions returns new FacetOptions
func NewFacetOptions() *FacetOptions {
return &FacetOptions{
PageSize: int(math.MaxInt32),
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